Fintech Chatter Podcast

Intersekt Chatter #3 - Simone Joyce, Paypa Plane

September 09, 2022 Dexter Cousins/Simone Joyce
Fintech Chatter Podcast
Intersekt Chatter #3 - Simone Joyce, Paypa Plane
Show Notes

It has been a MASSIVE week for the Aussie Fintech Industry. Intersekt 22 was bigger and better than ever.
Two days of conversations, insights, friendships being formed and connections being made. Along with lots of reunions, laughs, hugs and parties!

Out of the hundreds of conversations, I managed to record a few to share with you.

I speak to a few Fintech legends as well as founders from the next wave of fintech startups.

And I also chat with some of the unsung heroes behind the scenes.

Here’s a chat with the Superwoman of Fintech Simone Joyce, CEO of Paypa Plane, self-proclaimed payments nerd and Chair of Fintech Australia

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