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#68 Martin McCann - Trade Ledger

February 04, 2021 Tier One People - Dexter Cousins Season 3 Episode 68
Fintech Chatter
#68 Martin McCann - Trade Ledger
Show Notes

Dexter Cousins is joined by Martin McCann CEO and Co-Founder of Trade Ledger, the world’s first open digital banking platform that gives banks the ability to assess business lending risk in real-time.

Tune in as Dexter and Martin discuss the Fintech landscape and how Trade Ledger has evolved since launching four years ago.

As an avid technologist, business leader, investor, academic researcher, and public speaker Martin is passionate about the digitisation of business.

Prior to founding Trade Ledger, he accrued 20 years’ experience creating, growing, mentoring, and investing in innovative global technology companies worldwide.

He has been CEO of Global Innovation Ventures, GM of SAP's Cloud Solutions Division overseeing a period of extraordinary growth, and CEO and Research Director of software consultancy, Inn-vision.

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